What's happening in the classroom?






                                          These students are doing persuasive writing.


                           They have to think about whether they agree or disagree


                                  with a topic and write reasons for their choice.






 A writing piece about a bird.






 Students in Grades 3 and 4 wrote opinions about a cockateil.


Great writing!!



       Reading by ourselves.


 Reading  to  a friend.




We had fun reading how to make a person.

Then we followed instructions and made a person.

We have to research to find meanings of words to help with our reading.







                                         We are proud of our artwork.




Cutting apples to make fruit salad.





A science experiment.




 These girls are ready to show their GELC folders to their parents and teachers.





Learning how to play soccer.


We can show parents our work at school

on Family Reporting Day

Our parents love to come and see our

work on Family Reporting Day.

We are proud to show what we have been

doing in class to our parents.